Pyramid Cap (Plastic)

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Pyramids- The pyramid is built with the “Golden Angle inclination” , making it the perfect structure under which to meditate due its high energy.

All the usual benefits of meditation are tripled under the pyramid! Pyramid meditation allows the body to relax completely and fully. Experiments with pyramids have proven that vegetables and fruits stay fresh longer under pyramids.

Recognizing the multifold benefits of pyramid use, we have come up with a wide range of pyramid products that cater to specific body parts for healing and for specific uses. We also make some of these products with different types of materials which increase the energy value such as copper, brass etc.


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How to use:

Place the pyramid or band on the specific body part and meditate.

Benefits of Pyramids:

• Pyramids generate negative ions which help in reproducing and repairing body cells.
• Pyramids balance the body’s electromagnetic field.
• Food placed under pyramids retains its freshness and taste for longer than usual.
• Deeper and more fulfilling meditations with higher energy levels.

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