Pyramid Meditation Chamber

Equipped with pyramids designed in the “Golden Angle” along the lines of the Egyptian Pyramids, this chamber is the place to pursue your inner self journey. Cosmic energy is tripled under these pyramids and makes your meditation all the more special!

Pyramids provide a high energy meditation environment for beginners and act as an energy force multiplier for the veterans. Meditation done inside a pyramid is three times more powerful. Many people experience calmness and total relaxation of the body and shutting out of irrelevant thoughts faster during pyramid meditation.

With soothing blue lighting, cushioned seating, and a radiant Buddha portrait overlooking, it’s the perfect meditation spot for all.

The chamber is open throughout the store hours and you can practice meditation for as many hours as you wish. There’s no fees and no membership. For beginners, we teach the meditation technique which is very easy to follow. Meditation is a great gift for children and adults like, so you can bring your children after school for some meditation.

Meditation done in groups is also three times more powerful. Every day we host group meditation sessions from 11 am- 12 pm and from 6-7 pm. Apart from these, we also hold 21 days or 40 days intense group meditation sessions regularly to integrate meditation into your daily routines faster.

Full moon days are high-energy days and meditation done during these days is three times more powerful! On full moon nights, we hold a special meditation session from 6-8 pm. Check the monthly event calendar for the full moon dates.

Pyramid Technology- Pyramids are geometric structures that store energy drawn from the universe. The power of the pyramid is obtained through a blending of the radiated cosmic energy with that of the gravitational force of Earth. Several experiments conducted in man-made pyramids have revealed generalized pyramid powers including preservation, healing and out-of-body experiences.