Wisdom Center

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” ~ Aristotle

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Wisdom center is an integral part of SoulTrends. Our multi-purpose A/C conference room, fully equipped with A/V facilities, and the relaxing Buddha-fountain together form the Wisdom center, giving ample opportunities for individuals to enrich themselves with ageless spiritual wisdom.

Spiritual Workshops:

Year round workshops are conducted in the wisdom center on various spiritual topics, ranging from two hour sessions to multi-day workshops.   Our weekend workshops are quite popular with a short evening program held on everyday Saturday and a half-day workshop on Sunday mornings on most days.  Sometimes, the Sunday workshop is replaced with a full day/weekend workshop. Most workshops are in English language while some are taught in Kannada, Hindi and Telugu languages too at this time.

The wisdom topics cover all aspects of Spiritual Science including Health, Relationships, Emotional Balance, Intellect development and Soul Evolution with practical meditation sessions as integral to every program. By attending these programs, one automatically learns and practices meditation regularly.

We also hold monthly health focused “Spiritual Tablets” workshop taught by medical doctors, and mind / memory based children’s workshops.

Brahmarshi Patriji, and several national and internationals spiritual masters hold sessions in our Wisdom center regularly.  Stay in touch through our mailing lists and make use of these power sessions.

We offer both paid and free workshops.  Refer to our event calendar for the dates and topics.

Creative Activities:

Art, dance and music are infinite forms of enjoyment and infinite form of creativity for self-learning and self-enjoyment. We are currently in the process of introducing these classes in our Wisdom center.